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717 Ninth Update

Let’s hope the parking structure is covered somehow. In fact, we wouldn’t mind a couple big billboards to cover it up.

Concerto Update

Can never have too many Astani signs right? Am I right???

Evo is finally getting a bath!

The cleaning crew was out in full force! God bless there hearts 🙂

More LA Live Updates

Lofty Exclusive!! LED being installed at Nokia Plaza

According to this will be a 22′ x 40′ LED Display. This will be operational very soon.

717 Ninth Construction Update

717 Ninth has had a slow summer

717 Ninth has had a slow summer

717 Ninth has had financial trouble pretty much all summer long which slowed progress to a crawl and because of this push back what was a May 2009 completion, to September 2009. Wouldn’t be the first building to fall victim to financial trouble. At least it got off the ground and we were able to look at it affect our skyline in real life. Despite the troubled summer, more funding has been secured and all systems are GOOOOO!!

Concerto Construction Update

Concerto with 717 Olympic in the background

Concerto with 717 Olympic in the background

Our personal favorite residential tower, Concerto. Cladding on this building while not as fast as the Ritz is moving quick. Theres been a lot of mixed feelings about the towers facade but generally more positive for the most part. Let’s wait a little longer before we jump to conclusions 🙂

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