Welcome to Lofty Construction! This blog is dedicated to construction and development in Downtown Los Angeles. We at LC want to make sure that you are in the know for all construction projects as Downtown Los Angeles becomes a thriving city center right before our eyes.

We encourage our readers to comment and share their opinions on a given post. Discussion is always wanted here!

To contact us about a tip, questions, concerns, hate mail, Lakers tickets…then drop us an email: loftyconstruction@yahoo.com

Take Care!

3 responses to “About

  1. seems a little angelenic-ey. thats a good thing. keep us in the know.

  2. This page seems sweet. Off to a good start guys!

  3. Wow nice blog so far!

    It’s good to see L.A.’s downtown thriving and getting more and more people to live there. You have a very rapid population increase so it isn’t like your hurting for people like in the Northeast.

    L.A.’s growth should be put more into downtown!

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