LA Live Construction Update 8/30/08

LA Live!

LA Live!

LA Live is really coming along nicely. Just looking at the main LA Live building, you can see where all the lights will be around it. In fact, they have been testing these lights at night for the past couple of days. A little more works needs to be done on the Olympic side of the building but most of the crew is now on the interior getting the restaurants and clubs ready for the fall openings.

ESPN Building

ESPN Building

The ESPN Facility is also looking spectacular. Its a shame that were still another year away from a full ESPN move-in…BUT the ESPNZONE will be ready in the fall.

Ritz Carlton Hotel

Ritz Carlton Hotel

Progress on the Ritz Carlton Hotel has been at warp speed since day 1. Talking with one of the workers today they said there on schedule for a top out before the year is over. I forgot to ask about how far the cladding around the building will be by years end but our guess is probably over 80% complete.

To see all the high resolution pictures, check out our flickr set. Its updated every Thursday afternoon.

3 responses to “LA Live Construction Update 8/30/08

  1. This is great can’t wait to move into downtown Los Angeles all though the prices might go up I am willing to endure.

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